Toyota's Really Attractive and Crazy FV2 Concept [VIDEO]
Toyota's FV2 concept car gets shown off in the flesh. The automaker had the FV2 on display at its CES 2014 booth. Its built is pure futuristic. Toyota can be sexy again with this.Using unconventional four-wheel placement to its augmented reality windshield with built-in mood sensing cameras to all...

Spotted in a district of Stuttgart (Germany), this driver behind this barely disguised Smart Fortwo 2015 must have really been in a hurry. Stay tuned for more updates on the release.

Watch as the brand new Mercedes Benz M-class from the W166 series takes a spin in a district of Böblingen near Stuttgart (Germany). Here's hoping that the sharpie-doodles on the exterior aren't intentional!
Are modular platforms better? Or do they result in more faults in engineering? News of Toyota recalling more than 6.4 million vehicles sounds massive, but it in the future, many different cars will be sharing parts, making that number a new low.
Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche showed off the brand's new Concept Coupe SUV at the Annual Shareholder's meeting of Daimler AG in Berlin today. This is what Mercedes will use to compete with BMW's X6.

"This study will be officially unveiled in just under two weeks from now at Auto China in Beijing," said Zetsche in his address. "But we wanted to show you this vehicle today. We see major potential for Mercedes-Benz in particular in this combination of a coupe and an SUV."
Nissan confirmed a four-year global partnership with the UEFA Champions League in what is the largest ever sponsorship deal for the carmaker. The partnership will begin from 2014/2015 and will end with the 2017/2018 season. Sports marketing analysts estimate the sponsorship package to cost more than $75 million a year.
Since fashion is cyclical and subjective, we can't say for sure that this isn't nice, because it could be for some others. That's what design house Vilner probably thinks. They just restyled the interior of a regular BMW 3-Series E46 sedan to look like it was from the past.
The Audi S4 review below is the latest video from the folks at RegularCars, and they talk about how people go back and forth between a BMW and an Audi before they make a decision.

Watch the review of the 2013 Audi S4 from Regular Car reviews below:
The Ferrari California T was spotted in the wild! Two, one grey the other dark blue were spotted unloaded from trucks in Paris, and they managed to attract quite a crowd. Check out the video below:

23 year old Paul Wallace goes around filming supercars. For a living. He owns the "SuperCarsofLondon" YouTube channel and it has made a fair amount of money since it was founded five years ago.

So much that now, Wallace, has managed to own a supercar himself. He upgraded from a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 to a used Audi R8 worth £50,000 thanks to revenues from the ads associated with the supercar videos.
Prior Design's new aero-kit for the BMW 6-Series adds a lot of muscle to it. Dubbed the "PD6XX Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit" and offered on all two-door BMW 6-Series models (F12 Convertible and F13 Coupe including the M6 editions), it comprises of wide fender attachments with matching side skirts and bumpers.
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