Here's How Ford Simulates Daylight to Test Outdoor Conditions in Interiors [VIDEO]
Ford’s Visual Performance Evaluation Lab shows what it takes to reduce sun glare on vehicle controls and instrument panels. It is a science on its own! The lab shows how its engineers allow or re-create any lighting conditions in the world when they are developing global cars like the 2014 Ford F...

A Morgan Freeman sat-nav unit shows off the positive feedback from using the actor's voice. Executed as a spoof of other GPS system promos, it's quite funny how Morgan Freeman's voice gets used in this. Check it out after the jump.
Google will give you a glimpse of what's inside the Pagani factory. You'll get to see a glimpse of cars being built through one large glass area only though. Either way, this is as good a tour you'll get without having to go there yourself.
CarBuyer recently tested the BMW 220d model, giving it all thumbs up. The car, uses little fuel, and doesn't emit as much CO2, and can still perform well in a 100km/h sprint in over 7 seconds.

Check out the review below:
The M variant of the 2-Series coupe could hit the market as soon as 2016. This rather nice rendering by BMW Blog is good enough to give you a guess of what it could look like.

It takes strong inspiration from the unique 1M coupe, and even has an orange paint to it to make reference to the old model. What do you think it could look like?
The McLaren 650S is somewhat like a model in the between the Mp4-12C and a new model. While the 650S is based on the MP4-12C, engineers and designers have made quite a few changes.

It has 25 percent new parts compared to the 12C, with the most significant upgrades regarding the engine. It uses a modified version of the 12C's 3.8 liter bi-turbocharged V8 that gains 25hp and 78Nm bringing its total output to 641hp and 678Nm.
Jaguar continues its “British Villains” marketing campaign in a new two minute film featuring Loki - Tom Hiddleston. Titled 'The Art of Villainy", the commercial showcases the Jaguar F-Type coupe and continues to promote the brand's hashtag $GoodToBeBad.
There's a VW Golf R Estate in the works, being tested at the Nürburgring. Spies have caught photos and videos of the performance estate.

It boasts a boot capacity of 605 liters with rear seats up, and 1620 liters with the seats down. The production version would share its four-wheel drive underpinnings and 296bhp 2.0 liter turbocharged inline four with the Golf R hatch.
We love it when Lamborghini keeps it simple. Shot by Marcel Lech Photography, this latest customization from Japan's Liberty Walk features the supercar in a glossy, all-white body. More pics below.

Peugeot introduced their Audio Sonic Personalization Program in the UK, allowing users of Peugeot cars to personalize their car horns with a new technology. Customers can choose from a library of sounds or create and upload their own via a smartphone.
This rebadged Porsche Cayenne found on eBay UK may be the closest SUV Ferrari will ever make. The owner of the car decided that his Porsche wanted to be a Ferrari.

The tuning package and the Mars Red color certainly help its case, but it doesn't look complete somehow. It may just be the ugliest mods every done to a Porsche.
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